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Below is a list of our most common banking questions. We are also happy to help answer any questions if you call your local branch or email us. 


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1.      How can I get money to and from my account at another bank? 

Options into your account: Mobile deposit, incoming wire, deposit into your local branch, *Popmoney, ACH. Options to another institution: Outgoing wire, write a check, online bill pay, Popmoney, ACH.

2.      Who do I call if my debit card is lost or stolen? 

Call 1-800-472-3272 OPT 2.  You can also use CardValet on the app to “lock” the card.

3.      What is the bank’s routing number? 


4.      Am I able to put a stop payment on a pending transaction? 

Yes, as long as it is pending.  “If you are attempting to stop an electronic payment, you must contact one of our branches by phone or in person.”

5.      How do I get a copy of a check?

Online for free per document retrieval included in statement or call your local branch for a copy, 0.50 cents per item.

6.      What is the quickest way to reorder checks? 

On our website, under the business or personal tab, click on reorder checks.  Drop off reorder form or contact your local branch

7.      How can I get a copy of previous statements? 

Online for free per document retrieval or call your local branch for a copy, $3 per page.

8.      How do I activate my debit card? 

Call the number on the sticker on the front of your new card and follow the prompts given.  1-800-992-3808  Opt 1

9.     What do I do or who do I contact if I’m locked out of my personal account online? 

Click forgot password and follow the directions.  If you are still unable to log in, contact your local branch for assistance.  *If it’s a business account, you will need to contact your local branch.

10.   How long does it take to receive my debit card or checks?

7-10 business days, or we have temporary debit  cards until you receive your permanent card

11.   How do I change the pin number on my card?

Call 1-800-992-3808, enter your card number, 3 digit security code and follow prompts to reset your pin

12.   How much are your wire fees?

(see our fee schedule, link to our fee schedule)

13.   Do you offer credit cards?

We partner with our Merchant processor for credit cards. We can provide you with an application that you will mail in directly to TIB. We do not process CC payments at the bank

14.   Do you offer mortgages?

Yes we do, please contact your local branch for more information

15.   Do you have a free checking account?

We have accounts that if you meet the criteria will waive the monthly service fee. Please contact your local branch for more details or visit our products online

16.   Where are your locations?

Visit our locations page

17.   What is your cutoff time?

3pm M-F, deposits made after 3 pm will be available the next business day if no hold is placed on the deposit

18.   What is my balance? We have several ways you can check your account balance.

·        Online at

·        Mobile app on your smart phone

·        Call your local branch

·        Call our anytime banking number 1-866-690-BANK (2265)