Transfer money between yourself and others instantly. CNB’s online banking now includes Popmoney® — an immediate way to send and receive funds without exchanging sensitive information. Send cash to your college student who needs books as soon as possible, or request a roommate’s share of rent — all for a low transactional fee. Try this simple, secure service today!


  • Send money to friends, family and others immediately and securely
  • Request and receive money just as easily
  • Conveniently available within online banking
  • No need to exchange private information
  • Send and receive funds using an account number, debit card number, email address or mobile phone number
  • Users can receive money at one of the following:
    • In their eligible account online at their bank (if it's a member of the Popmoney network)
    • Online at Popmoney.com
  • Save time — no trips to the bank necessary
  • Secure and easy to use
How It Works

Here’s how easy it is to send money with Popmoney®

  1. Access Popmoney via online banking and then enter the recipient’s mobile number or email.

Tell us who you want to pay and the amount. The recipient doesn’t need to have an existing account with the bank or be registered with Popmoney.

  1. Recipient gets a notification to deposit their money.

If they’re new, they will enter their bank account information. If they’ve been to Popmoney before, they probably won’t have to do anything.

  1. That’s it! Money goes directly into the recipient’s bank account.

Money is deposited into their account in as little as 1-3 business days.

Here’s how easy it is to request money with Popmoney:

  1. Access Popmoney via online banking and enter the mobile number or email of the person you’re requesting money from.

Tell us who you want to request money from and how much. They don’t need to have an existing account with Citizens National Bank or be registered with Popmoney.

  1. Person receives a notification to pay the request.

They can pay your request in just a few clicks at Popmoney.com. Popmoney will send a reminder if they forget.

  1. That’s all there is to it!  Funds paid will be deposited into your account automatically.

You’ll get the money in your account and a notification that your request has been paid.

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