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2Earn interest when you meet the following monthly qualifications: Have at least 8 debit card purchases (excludes ATM transactions) or 8 ACH credits, or 8 Merchant Capture deposits post and settle to your account during the qualification cycle. The qualification cycle is from the first business day of the current month through the last business day of the current month. Maintain an average monthly balance of $2,500.00. Consent to receive all account-related disclosures and monthly statements electronically (eStatements). Provide and maintain a valid email address. Be enrolled in Online Banking. The interest rates and annual percentage yields may change at any time. If the qualifications are not met for 3 consecutive monthly cycles, the account may be converted to a Business Checking Account and account maintenance fees may apply. 

3 Automated Overdraft item fee of $32.00 imposed for each Automated Overdraft item. A fee may be imposed for paying overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM, POS, or other electronic means. You must bring account to a positive balance at least every 30 days. Typically, overdrafts will not be paid if account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits, or you exceed the predetermined overdraft limit. Payment of overdrafts is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay.