5 Reasons to Explore Interest-Bearing Business Checking



5 Reasons to Explore Interest-Bearing Business Checking

Is your non-profit looking to maximize returns on deposits? 5 Reasons to explore interest-bearing business checking:

1. Earn Interest on Funds: The organization can earn interest on the balance maintained in the checking account. This means the funds can grow over time, providing a small additional source of revenue to support activities.

2. Maintain Liquidity: Unlike other options, an interest-bearing checking account allows the organization quick and easy access to its funds. This helps maintain liquidity, ensuring they can meet immediate financial needs or respond to emergencies.

3. Low to No Fees: Many interest-bearing checking accounts like our Business Advantage Plus Checking come with minimal or no monthly maintenance fees, which can be beneficial for non-profit organizations looking to maximize their funds for their mission.

4. Convenience: Interest-bearing checking accounts typically come with the same features as regular checking accounts, such as online banking, debit cards, and check-writing. This provides convenience in managing day-to-day financial transactions.

5. Building Relationships: Maintaining an interest-bearing account can help build a positive relationship with a bank, potentially leading to other benefits such as favorable loan terms or access to additional financial services.

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